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wholesale chocolate covered strawberries delivered 1. Wholesale Strawberries Dozens (31126)
Minimum 4 dozen You select the chocolate types
rose bouquets for recitals delivered fresh in the USA 2. Wholesale Roses in Sleeves (24113)
Select 12, 6, 3 or 1 Rose
Shipping Included
Starting at $109
Happy Birthday delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries 3. Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries (19184)
Your selection of true
Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
red and green drizzle christmas chocolate covered strawberries 4. Christmas Chocolate Strawberries (18704)
Christmas Classic
Over 30 side item selections
Only you can prevent fake chocolate
Stop fake chocolate

When you shop for gourmet products by price you will find swizzle.
Swizzle is British slang for something falsely promised.
Why would you want the cheapest possible food?

Would you want to give your Valentine fake chocolate?
If there is not an online ingredients list:
1) Ask if EVERY berry is always dipped in true chocolate with cocoa butter.
2) You want them fresh: Ask them if EVERY berry is dipped the same day it is shipped with delivery the next day.
3) Ask them if their fruit is dipped in any type of preservative or irradiated/treated to make them last longer or appear fresh.
4) Ask them if their strawberries always have leaves. (not fresh/pre-dipped)

If there is an online ingredients list:
1) Check to see if cocoa butter is listed for each type of chocolate

Let everyone know, unless you want them to give their Valentine old, fake chocolate and fruit that is not fresh.. (and to make sure you get fresh chocolate strawberries from your Valentines..)

We would name the companies, but there are so far too many to keep track of, the core companies were also involved in the "easy saver scam" and operate under many different names.